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PEASIC Filter Element

  • PEASIC cartridge is made of high-purity PP material and asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane, which has the advantages of high flux and low metal ion extractables. The cartridge is cleaned with high-purity water to avoid the influence of particule matter, TOC, and metal ions during installation and use. Polyethersulfone has natural hydrophilicity and is especially suitable for ultra-high purity deionized water applications.


    Product Features:

    • Asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane

    • High flux.high removal efficency

    • Quick rinse

    • 100% Integrity Test

    • Manufactured in a dust-free environment

PEASIC Filter Element
  • PEASIC Filter Element

Product Parameters

  • Maximum operating temperature:
    90°C / 194°F
    Maximum operating differential pressure:
    0.5 MPa @ 20 °C / 80 psid @ 68 °F
    0.14 MPa @ 70 °C / 20 psid @ 158 °F

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