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PO/PE Welded Needle Felt Filter Bag

  • The Feature Tec fully welded needle felt filter bag adopts a three-dimensional deep-layer structure and fully welded seamless bonding technology, ensuring high filtration efficiency with no leakage.



    • Provides three types of sealing ring openings, suitable for various filters
    • The fully welded process ensures no side leakage
    • The material does not contain additives such as silicone, avoiding chemical leaching
    • The filter material surface is treated with a special heat treatment process to eliminate fiber shedding
    • Can meet food-grade filtration requirements

PO/PE Welded Needle Felt Filter Bag
  • PO/PE Welded Needle Felt Filter Bag

Product Parameters

  • Maximum differential pressure:2.5bar
    It is recommended to replace the differential pressure:≈0.8 to 1.5 bar
    Maximum operating temperature:
    Polypropylene:< 90°C
    Recommended Flow:
    01: 20m3/h
    02: 40 m3/h
    03: 6 m3/h
    04: 12m3/h

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