Activated Carbon Cartridge

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  • Acorber™ is a unique filter cartridge filled with adsorbent material, mainly used to adsorb harmful components in filtered liquids, combining adsorption and filtration functions into one. Acorber™ is available in three specifications, each filled with different materials, suitable for industrial applications such as decolorization, oil absorption, or water removal.


    Product Features:

    • Three types of internal materials are available to meet different industrial needs.

    • Protected by nylon mesh, no worries about particle leakage.

    • Compared to mixed-filtering methods, ACORBER achieves both adsorption and filtration in one step.

    • Food-grade materials, suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.


    Typical Applications:

    • ACORBER filter cartridges are widely applicable across various industries:
      • Food and beverage industry
      • Pharmaceutical industry
      • Catalyst industry
      • Treatment of VOCs and other organic gases
      • Purification of inorganic gases
      • Adsorption of oils and colloids


ACORBER Cartridge
  • ACORBER Cartridge

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