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Dycera® Ceramic Membrane

  • Feature-Tec’s ceramic sheet is a hollow ceramic membrane featuring excellent physical properties such as corrosion resistance, and a unique plate design to increase the filtration area. In addition, the plate membrane system has a very small footprint, and is widely used in the water treatment industry.



    • Excellent physical properties

    • Corrosion resistant

    • Suitable for separating hard particles from water

    • Used in reducing pre-treatment system to protect downstream membranes

    • Reliable and long lifespan

    • Longer lifespan than organic films in pharmaceutical and heated applications

    • Easy maintenance

    • Dispensing of contaminants through backwashing possible during routine maintenance

    • Surface contaminants easily removed through pressurized liquid/air.

    • Energy saving

    • Plate structure allows effective cleaning of the membrane surface through the use of air

    • Small amount pressurized air required

    • Hydrophilic ceramic membrane effectively reduces the pressure drop to save energy

    • More than 50% throughput compared to ultrafiltration organic polymers


Dycera® Ceramic Membrane
  • Dycera® Ceramic Membrane

Product Parameters

  • Diaphragm parameters
    152mm diameter

    -Filtration area (m²):0.036
    -Membrane flux (L / m² h bar):250, 235, 185, 65, 30, 20
    312 mm diameter
    -Filtration area (m²):0.14
    -Membrane flux *(L / m² h bar):950, 900, 700, 250, 120, 90
    400 mm diameter
    -Filtration area (m²):0.25
    -Membrane flux *(L / m² h bar)*:1687, 1562, 1250, 437, 212, 156
    Diaphragm accuracy
    - 2μm (50.5μm)
    -* For pure water only


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