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    VP V filter consists of a V-shaped structure composed of multiple filter elements without partitions. Compared with conventional filtration, it greatly increases the amount of filter material, reduces energy consumption by lower pressure loss, and saves operating costs. It is used in commercial HVAC systems, variable air volume systems, and also an ideal choice for environments with salt fog.



    ■ Good looking, sturdy and durable and strong ventilation

    ■ Compact and reasonable structure, low resistance

    ■ Large filtration area and high efficiency

    ■ It occupies less space and large air volume

VP V-Type Filters
  • VP V-Type Filters

Product Parameters

  • -Filter material: glass fiber
    -Outer frame: galvanized sheet/aluminum alloy/stainless steel
    -Separator: hot melt adhesive
    -Sealant: Polyurethane
    -Use conditions: maximum temperature: 60 ℃ maximum humidity: 100%RH

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