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Gas-liquid Coalescence Cartridge (C2.0)

  • The C2.0 Series coalescing cartridges offer high efficiency and flow from the inside out to remove liquid and solid contaminants. High-performance glass fiber, polyester and polypropylene media are available for different grades of filtration. These pleated, large-surface area filter elements can be customized to meet customer needs and offer different properties such as particle removal efficiency and dirt holding capacity.

    Features robust 304 stainless steel end caps and stainless-steel components. Adhesion between the end cap and the filter media is made with a highly resistant adhesive to prevent all kinds of side leakage. The cartridge sheath is used to protect the integrity of the fold to ensure uniform distribution of cartridge effective surface area and contaminants.



    • The FT2.0 is designed to provide absolute rated efficiency (β5000) without compromising component lifetime. For this purpose, we choose filter media with higher dirt holding capacity and lower resistance. By reducing the initial differential pressure, the operating cost of the filter element can be effectively reduced.

    • Fixed pore matrix media are designed to remove water from air and gas, and oil with low surface tension.

    • In addition to longer life and economic friendliness, the FT 2.0 series is also characterized by easy maintenance and operation. Due to the flow from the inside out, solid particulate contaminants remain in the filter element, reducing contamination during replacement.

    • By reducing downtime and operating costs, the efficient, reverse flow FT2.0 coalescing cartridge effectively protects subsequent equipment and processes.

Gas-liquid Coalescence Cartridge (C2.0)
  • Gas-liquid Coalescence Cartridge (C2.0)

Product Parameters

  • Filtering accuracy: 0.3 um
    Initial differential pressure: <0.5 psid
    Recommended Replacement Differential Pressure: 15 psid
    Service life of the largest component: 1 year
    Minimum operating temperature: -60 °F
    Maximum operating temperature: 260 °F
    Burst pressure: >75 psid

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