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Catalyst Filtration Recovery

Catalytic process plays an important role in modern chemical industry. Statistically, about 80% to 85% of chemical production use catalyst to speed up the reaction rate. However, replacing spent catalyst contributes to a large portion of overall production cost.This cost could be avoided by implementing a well designed catalyst recovery and regeneration system.

Feature-Tec's catalyst recovery system uses automatic filtration,magnetic separation,fine filtration and membrane technology to achieve total catalyst recovery.


Benefits of Feature-Tec Products

• Reduces loss of expensive materials

• Improve product quality

• Reduces waste emissions and meet environmental protection standards

• Reduces maintenance frequency and cost

• Reduces energy consumption

• Improve the rate of recovery and purification



Stage One Purification—Cluster Collecting Type Automatic Filtration System

SelfClear automatic filtration system regenerates the filter elements without interrupting the production process. It is suitable for hazardous environments with zero exposure to atmosphere. It can also filter soft, deformable particles which is extremely useful in fluids with high dirt content.


Stage Two Purification - Magnetic Separation

Catalytic process usually involves ferrous particles such as Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Palladium, Platinum etc. The high costs of such precious metals makes recovery a necessity in process plants. FerroCleanTM is tailored to separate ferrous particles from the working fluid. This fully automatic system allows users to achieve clean filtrate and at the same time, recover the particles at a relatively high concentration.


Stage Three Precision Filtration - Bag Filter


Our modular filtration system SpeeDo is designed to meet variable flow rate requirements. Modular filtration system allows for continuous operation even during filter element replacement, and allows ease of expanding system capacity. The quick clamp rapid opening mechanism offers simple, operator friendly and safe operation with minimal downtime to increase productivity and reduce running costs.


A special tool (supplied) ensures simple effective operation. A counter-balanced spring assisted cover-lifting mechanism balances the cover perfectly giving it a weightless feel. Positive O-ring sealing offers easy and safe operation. side inlet and bottom outlet provides easy and full drainage, tangential outlet option available to reduce housing height.


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