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Dust-Free Management

Dust-Free Management in Workshop
Dust management poses a significant challenge in industries such as calcium carbide, coal, and carbon. The unloading and transmission processes often struggle to control dust, resulting in a poor working environment, health risks for workers, and difficulty in meeting environmental standards.
Feature-Tec draws on its extensive experience in filtration and separation to provide effective dust management solutions for calcium carbide and coal industry. Our solutions focus on key areas prone to dust generation, such as unloading, transmission, and crushing, and include:
1,Multi-point dust collection systems to effectively improve the working environment.
2,Centralized air purification systems to control emission gas levels at 10mg/Nm3.
3,Direct transport of collected dust to silos, reducing material loss.


Construction site of calcium carbide crushing plant

- Integrated unloading system
- Sealed transfer
- Self-inspection crushing system
- Centralized dust collection system


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