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FTWRL-101 Rain-Proof Louver



    FTWRL-101 is a new type of rain shutters, also known as aluminum alloy shutters, used to protect the air inlet and exhaust on the exterior wall of the building to prevent water from entering. The product has passed the British BSRIA inspection and is reliable in quality. It is suitable for power plants, substations and other buildings.


    • Tightly distributed horizontal blades minimize storm infiltration
    • According to the EN13030-2001 test, the rainproof performance is excellent
    • The blade adopts a double-layer profile snap-in structure, which is easy to install


    Additional Options:
    • All kinds of anti-bird and anti-insect nets; Buckle angle steel; Filter frame; Flange frame; Safety barrier


    Standard Structure:
    • Frame material: 6063-T5 extruded aluminium, thickness 2.5mm(0.098 ")
    • Blade: 6063-T5 extruded aluminium, 1.5mm thick (0.059 ")
    • Mechanical fixing: 
    Minimum size: 350X350mm(13-3/4 "X 13-3/4")/ Maximum size: 2500X2500mm(98-3/8 "X 98-3/8")

FTWRL-101 Rain-Proof Louver
  • FTWRL-101 Rain-Proof Louver

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