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GIST-mini Ultrapure Gas Filter

  • GIST mini ultra-pure gas filter is specially designed for electronic-grade gas, and filtration accuracy can reach 3nm. The device is compact, excellent strength and compatible for most of semiconductor process gases. lt is suitable for bulk gases and inert gases.


    Produce Features

    •  316L electronic grade hardware

    •  High throughput and low pressure drop

    •  Excellent chemical compatibility

    •  Suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment

    •  100% integrity tested

    •  100% helium leak tested

    •  Manufactured in a dust-free environment

GIST-mini Ultrapure Gas Filter
  • GIST-mini Ultrapure Gas Filter

Product Parameters

  • Maximum inlet pressure:207 Bar@23℃
    Maximum differential pressure:
    Forward: 4 bar (60 psid) @ 23°C (73 °F)
    反向: 0.07 MPa (0.7 bar, 10 psid) @ 23°C (73℉)
    Maximum operating temperature:120 ℃ (248 ℉)
    Gas flow rate:
    Recommended working flow rate: 0-60slpm

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