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LibaGard Slurry Products


    The LibaGard series capsule filter element is specially designed for the filtration of high viscosity and high solid fluid. The unique anti-leakage structure can avoid leakage of material liquid during replacement. The product is verified by air tightness test to ensure zero leakage during use. housing structure, easy to disassemble. It is especially suitable for filtration of lithium battery slurry, filtration of highly toxic and strong irritating media, and filtration of precious media.



    • Unique leak-proof design, effectively avoid leakage during disassembly
    • Low precipitation material, effectively control the precipitation of metal ions
    • Absolute precision products, higher filtration efficiency, more reliable
    • Do not use any adhesives and surfactants
    • Higher dirt holding capacity and longer life
    • One-piece design, easy to disassemble and assemble
    • Tailor-made filtration products


    Typical applications:

    • Lithium battery slurry filtration
    • Filtration of highly toxic and strongly irritating media systems
    • Precious material filtration
    • Data storage area
    • Ink filtration

LibaGard Slurry Products
  • LibaGard Slurry Products

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