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OAS/OAH High Precision Filter Bag

  • Feature-Tec High Performance Filter Bag are manufactured from melt-blown polypropylene, utilizing fine fibers for high oil absorbing efficiency. The high dirt holding precision filter bags feature a large oil absorption surface area with excellent oil absorption capacity, resistance to acids, alkali & organic solvents and strong physical characteristics for trapping impurities.


    With its excellent filtration performance, the high performance filter bags are applicable for the filtration of syrup, bleaching agents, degreasing agents, and for removing bacteria and soft colloidal particles.



    •  Full polypropylene construction ensures contaminant-free filtration performance.

    •  Thick depth filtration for enhanced dirt holding capacity.

    •  > 90% efficiency ensures high-quality filtration with oil removal.

    •  Versatile performance can match the most demanding customer's requirements.

OAS/OAH High Precision Filter Bag
OAS/OAH High Precision Filter Bag
  • OAS/OAH High Precision Filter Bag
  • OAS/OAH High Precision Filter Bag

Product Parameters

  • Maximum differential pressure:2.5bar
    It is recommended to replace the differential pressure:≈0.8 to 1.5 bar
    Maximum operating temperature:
    Polypropylene:< 90°C
    Recommended Flow:
    01: 8m3/h
    02: 15m3/h

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