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Gas-liquid Coalescence Cartridge (C1.0)


    Oil, water and other fluid particles will be captured by superfine fiber inside the coalesce machine. These microfiber guides the air flow to move sinusodially, forcing solid and mist particles to collide with one another, capturing them in the process. The surface tension allows smaller particulates to coalesce into bigger ones and fall into the collecting reservoir below due to gravatational pull. The Feature-Tec C1.0 series element is designed to coalesce extremely fine liquid particles from natural gas (the main components of the droplet are water,oil and hydrocarbon compounds). The flow pattern through the element is from the inside to the outside. The C1.0 series is designed to take the place of the C1.5 series, as it is more efficient to filter the solid particles and liquid mists. The additional surface area can also reduce differential pressure at high flow rates.



    • Beta ratios in excess of 99.9%, high filtration accuracy

    • Large dirt holding capacity

    • Robust construction to withstand over 15 PSI differential pressure

    • High quality components



    • Length:18/36/72 inches

    • Removal Rating:0.3 micron absolute

    • Outside Diameter:4.5 inches

    • Inside Diameter:3.13 inches

    • Center Core:carbon steel(stand)/stainless(available)

    • Outer Core:carbon steel(stand)/stainless(available)

    • End Caps:carbon steel(stand)/stainless(available)Gaskets:Buna-N

    • Gasket Adhesive:polyurethane

    • Prefilter Media:pleated paper

    • Final High Efficiency Media:pleated micro fiberglass

    • Outer Sock:needled polyester

    Recommended Operating Limits

    • Initial Differential Pressure:<0.5 psi

    • Recommended Change-Out Differential Pressure:15 psi (max)

    • Maximum Element Operating Life:1 year

    • Maximum Operating Temperature:300℉

    • Minimum Operating Temperature:-60℉

Gas-liquid Coalescence Cartridge (C1.0)
  • Gas-liquid Coalescence Cartridge (C1.0)

Product Parameters

  • Initial differential pressure:<0.5 psi
    Recommended Replacement Differential: 15 psi
    Service life of the largest component (excluding pressure difference):1 year
    Maximum operating temperature: 300 °F
    Minimum operating temperature:-60 °F
    Remarks: Special metal materials can be provided according to customer requirements.

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