Activated Carbon Cartridge

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  • Acorber™ is a special cartridge with adsorption material inserted. Its main function is to adsorb thoseharmful components in the filtrate, combining both filtration and adsorption into one piece of element. Three types of Acorbers, can be used for application of decolourisation, oil absorption or water absorption respectively


    • Three types of inserts for different application
    • Nylon mesh layer to prevent particles bypass
    • One stage solution
    • Food grade material, suitable for F&B, pharmaceutics application

  • ACORBER Core

Product Parameters

  • Activated carbon series: 4x 8,12x 40,20x 50 mesh
    Oil absorption series: 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000g
    Water removal series: 875,1750,2625,3500g

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