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GIST Ultrapure Gas Filter

  • GIST ultra-pure gas filter is specially developed and designed for the purification of electronic-grade ultra-pure gas, filtration precision can be 3nm. The equipment has compact structure and high strength, it is also suitable for filtering various high temperature and high pressure gas.


    Product Features:

    •  SS316L electronic grade polished housing

    •  High flux and low pressure loss

    •  Excellent chemical compatibility

    •  High temperature and high pressure

    •  100% Integrity Test

    •  100% Helium gas leak test

    •  Clean room manufacturing and packaging

GIST Ultrapure Gas Filter
  • GIST Ultrapure Gas Filter

Product Parameters

  • Maximum operating pressure:
    52 Bar@80°C
    Maximum allowable pressure drop:
    Forward: 7 bar / 21°C
    Reverse: 3.4 bar / 21°C
    Maximum operating temperature:
    Pp: 80 °c/PFA: 180 °c
    Gas flow rate:
    Recommended operating flow rate: 0-300slpm

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