Liquid Filter Bag

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  • The Rocket Filter Bag is a new innovative product from Feature-Tec as a great alternative to conventional filter bags. Using a unique folding structure, it provides four times the filtration area compared to a standard filter bags, extending the lifetime of the filter bag resulting in a significant reduction of replacement downtime.


    The choices of either polypropylene or polyester can be applied to a wide range of industries; Rocket Filter Bag is compatible with equipment currently using conventional filter bags, eliminating the need to invest in new equipment.



    • Feature-Tec 's Rocket Absolute Filter Bags have a four layered design to provide up to 99.9% filtration efficiency, applicable for catalyst recovery systems and the electronics industry.

    • Suitable with standard support baskets

    • Reduces maintenance costs

    • Extended lifespan of filter bag

    • Filter bag does not contain crater-forming additives such as silicon

Rocket Filter Bag
Rocket Filter Bag
Rocket Filter Bag
Rocket Filter Bag
  • Rocket Filter Bag
  • Rocket Filter Bag
  • Rocket Filter Bag
  • Rocket Filter Bag

Product Parameters

  • Maximum differential pressure:2.5bar
    It is recommended to replace the differential pressure:≈0.8 to 1.5 bar
    Maximum operating temperature:
    PO: < 90 °C
    PE: < 140 °C
    PG: < 90 °C
    Absolute accuracy:
    02: 50 m3/h
    Nominal accuracy:

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