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    CT Chemical filter adopts the composite material of activated carbon particles and ultra-fine synthetic fibres. It effectively removes gas molecules and dust pollution in the air thus improving air quality. It is an ideal choice for high-end health commercial air-conditioning systems. It is also suitable for semiconductor, microelectronics manufacturing companies, museums, archives, libraries, airports, hospitals(such as wards for patients with respiratory diseases), office buildings(air filtration in public places) and so on.



    ■ Class A: It absorbs acidic gas (S02, NO2, H2S, HCL, HF, etc.) /Class B: It absorbs hot gas (NH3, etc.) /Class C: It absorbs VOC 

    ■ Large filtration area, strong adsorption capacity, high removal efficiency and reliable performance 

    ■ Easy installation and maintenance, light weight

CT Chemical Filter
  • CT Chemical Filter

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