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Ultrapure Water Purification


Process Description

Semiconductor manufacturing processes has high requirements for their precision production equipment and complex processes, with ever increasing demands of their ultrapure water system. 

Semiconductor industries use ultrapure water mainly through these four processes: primary processing, reverse osmosis (RO), electrodeionization (EDI) and polishing. In some semiconductor plants, mixed ion exchange beds are used instead of EDI due to the raw water quality and industrial requirements to remove weak electrolytes.

Product advantages

  • Avoiding the large amount of acid and alkali consumed by traditional ion regeneration, which is more environmentally friendly;

  • To overcome the relatively long regeneration cycle of traditional ion equipment;

  • Ultrafiltration backwashing drainage, primary RO concentrated water drainage and CEDI concentrated water drainage and their recycling measures are conducive to energy saving and emission reduction;

  • Save water resources and operating costs for semiconductor manufacturing units.


Product Application

  • Pretreatment part

Multi-media filter Activated carbon filter
coarse filter ultrafiltration device

  • Reverse osmosis part

reverse osmosis membrane

  • Electrodeionization section

EDI Modules and CEDI Modules

  • Polishing mixed bed


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