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Gasfaver High Temperature Ultra-pure Gas Diffuser

  • Gasfaver series diffusers are designed for rapid venting of vacuum cavities in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Gasfil diffusers' filtering accuracy is up to 0.003 μm by combining the gas flow characteristics of the diffusers and the particle interception characteristics of an efficient filter. With this unique structure design, it ensures filtration efficiency while avoiding causing turbulence, It affects the process chamber environment and prevents blowing up particles or even blowing up silicon wafers.


    Produce Features

    • Reducing turbulence during venting from the process cavity

    • Suitable for a wide range of process gases

    • Manufacturing, testing, and packaging in a dust-free room

    • 100% integrity tested

    • 100% helium leak tested

Gasfaver High Temperature Ultra-pure Gas Diffuser
  • Gasfaver High Temperature Ultra-pure Gas Diffuser

Product Parameters

  • Maximum intake pressure:

    4 bar(60 psig)

    Maximum operating differential pressure:

    5 bar(75 psid);

    Maximum use temperature:

    100℃ with O-ring

    400℃ with no O-ring

    Downstream cleanliness:


    particles/liter>0.01μm rated flow

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