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ST Separator Cartridge

  • ST separator cartridges can provide efficient separation of water in a wide range of fluid process streams. These separator cartridges are used in applications where API certifications are not required. The ST separator cartridges are effective in reducing operation costs and improving product quality.



    • High performance proprietary filter media for a wide range of applications.

    • Continuous lengths minimize process downtime, reducing cartridge change-out costs and eliminating filter bypass concerns.

    • Designed for balanced flow through cartridge.

ST Separator Cartridge
ST Separator Cartridge
  • ST Separator Cartridge
  • ST Separator Cartridge

Product Parameters

  • Initial differential pressure: 1 psid
    Replacement Differential Pressure: 8 psid
    Maximum operating temperature: 240 °F / 115°C
    Separation efficiency: 98%
    PH: 5-9

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