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Sintered Metal Mesh Cartridge

  • Feature-Tec’s sintered metal mesh cartridge (SM) uses several layers of metal mesh sintered together to form a porous metal filter. The fine inner mesh provides an accurate filtration within a protective layer, while being supported with a support structure. Different combinations can be used depending on the application of the filter cartridge. A plate mesh sintered filter is typically used for surface filtration, with the solid impurities trapped on the surface of the control layer. This allows the sintered metal mesh cartridge to have a high filtration precision while allowing easy backwashing.


    Feature-Tec’s sintered metal mesh cartridge features excellent heat resistant, corrosion resistant and high pressure resistant properties. As such, the durable metal mesh cartridge does not deform easily, allowing repeated usage after backwashing.



    • Excellent temperature and thermal shock resistance

    • High mechanical strength; impact resistant

    • High pressure resistance, allowing filtration of highly viscous liquids

    • High corrosion resistance

    • No fibre shedding, deformation of cartridge or side leakage occurrence

    • Surface filtration to ensure high filtration precision

    • Identical pore distribution for even filtration

    • Large filtration area

    • Advanced fabrication process for multiple configurations

    • Washable element reduces replacement costs

Sintered Metal Mesh Cartridge
Sintered Metal Mesh Cartridge
Sintered Metal Mesh Cartridge
  • Sintered Metal Mesh Cartridge
  • Sintered Metal Mesh Cartridge
  • Sintered Metal Mesh Cartridge

Product Parameters

  • Material ● SS 304, SS 316 L
    Diameter ● Dia.(mm) 10.5,14,18,25,35,40,50,65
    Length ● 10 ', 20', 30 ', 40', 50 ', 60', 70 ',
    Porosity ● 35%
    Operating temperature ● -269 ℃ to 480 ℃
    * For other materials, please contact us

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