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FTACL‐101 Muffling Louver

  • In densely built areas, noise generated by machinery or other sources (such as underground parking) needs to be suppressed to meet regulatory requirements. Usually, the best way for noise to enter the surrounding area is through ventilation ducts.

    The noise reduction shutters can effectively reduce the noise transmission without hindering the operation of the ventilation system.


    • Reduce the noise of the generator inlet and outlet; reduce the noise of the exhaust of factories and buildings

    • Frame material: 6063-T5 extruded aluminum, nominal wall thickness 3mm

    • Blade: 6063-T5 extruded aluminum, nominal wall thickness 1.5mm

    • Sound-absorbing material: glass fiber, rock wool, silent cotton

    • Connecting rod (optional): welding, riveting

FTACL‐101 Muffling Louver
  • FTACL‐101 Muffling Louver

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