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Yulissa® Disposable Oil-Absorbent Wiper

  • The oil absorption efficiency is fast, and the oil absorption rate is high


    • Faster: Easy, a wipe is clean. ultra-fast, super oil absorption

    • Cleaner: No crumbs, avoid secondary pollution, soft fiber, no damage to the surface

    • Easier: No need to cut, a tear ready to use, limited use, convenient and easy to handle

Yulissa® Disposable Oil-Absorbent Wiper
  • Yulissa® Disposable Oil-Absorbent Wiper

Product Parameters

  • Yulissa®Oil-absorbing wiping cloth can be widely used in various industries
    Oil stain cleaning of mechanical equipment/wiping of dirt on test bench/oil stain cleaning of metal parts/cleaning of conveyor belts and rollers/cleaning of conveyor belts and rollers

Typical Applications

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