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Desiccant Dehydration

The Process


Desiccant dehydration systems are used to remove residual water vapor from natural gas streams.


The Problem


Solid particulates in the natural gas stream can plug the process of absorption in the desiccant dehydration systems causing bed degradation, release of desiccant fines and a loss of dehydration capacity.


The Solution


Upstream of the desiccant dehydration system, absolute-rated, rigid cartridges can provide particulate protection to contamination sensitive absorption and regeneration towers. Downstream of the desiccant dehydration system, filtration effectively removes destructive desiccant fines, protecting compressors and other equipment.


Products Suitable For This Application

Desiccant Dehydration Application Guide

Feature-Tec Filter Product

Applied to


Coalescer FT-C1.0-1.0-36-2


Amine Sweetening

A coalescer can be installed to recover the amine carried over by the gas, to reduce the loss of amine and reduce the maintenance costs.




Desiccant Dehydration Inlet

The gas flowing into the Desiccant dehydration processes have high impurity content including large amounts of soft deformable particles; surface filtration systems such as automatic backwash filters, metal filters and membrane filtration are not suitable. In these applications, a high dirty-holding disposable filter element is the most appropriate solution.

Dry Gas Filter


Desiccant Dehydration Outlet

Dry gas filters are used to remove dust and solids from the gas phase. Dry gas filters consist of multiple filter cartridges and can be installed at the Desiccant Dehydration Outlet



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