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Cleaning Fluid Waste Filtration

Cleaning Fluid Waste Filtration


Over a long period of usage, cleaning fluids would contain a lot of contaminants, requiring replacement of fluid. Feature-Tec’s cleaning fluid waste regeneration system concentrates the waste cleaning fluid to over 30-40 times, using the extracted liquid for cleaning purposes while converting the waste to be suitable for recycling or reuse, reducing the environmental load.


System Components


• Pre-Filtration System

• Ultrafiltration Degreasing System

• Cleaning System

• Waste Oil Residue Discharge System



Ultrafiltration System Characteristics


• High oil removal rating, reducing the outlet oil content to <5ppm to meet environmental requirements

• Suitable for PLC automatic controls, saving labour costs

• Utilizes cross flow filtration, the pollutant resistant system can maintain a high filtration throughput

• With less consumable parts, maintenance is simple and cheap

• Acid and alkali resistant system is also resistant to microbial erosion

• System does not require expensive emulsifiers, flocculants, reducing operating costs

• Long membrane cleaning cycle; washing recovers filtration flow efficiency, maintaining a stable system

• After the concentration process, valuable waste oil can be recovered



Content Indicator

Standard Parameters

System Concentration Ratio

30x - 40x

COD Removal


COD Absolute Value


SS Removal Rating


Oil Removal Rating


Absolute Residue Oil Value








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