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Auxiliary Filters and Cartridges

Feature-Tec's proprietary glass fiber technology reduces silicon precipitation. The filter cartridges has passed the performance tests conducted by the French IFTS organization, ensuring that key performance indicators such as pressure drop, flow rate, temperature resistance, efficiency, and bubble point meet industry standards.


Product Application:

● Purification of coolant
● Filtration of main pump shaft seal water
● Filtration after ion exchange resin bed
● Clarification of fuel pool water
● Filtration of chemical solutions


Physical performance - 5 items
● Thickness
● Basis weight
● Stiffness
● Breakage resistance
● Tensile strength


Filtration performance - 7 items
● Pore size
● Permeability
● Initial bubble point
● Compatibility
● Filtration efficiency
● Pressure drop flow rate
● Dirt holding capacity


Special performance - 2 items
● Chemical element leaching (with a focus on silicon dioxide)
● Radiation resistance


Main tests for filter cartridges:

Radiation resistance test: Verify whether the filter cartridges can meet the original requirements for filtration accuracy, flow fatigue, resistance to breakage, axial detachment, sealing gaskets, etc. under certain radiation doses.




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