The brand upgraded plan of Feature-Tec


Dear partners and customers:


Feature-Tec (Shanghai) New Materials Co., Ltd., as a well-known provider of filtration and separation technology, has been exploring various application possibilities for filtration and separation of industry since its establishment in 2003.


According to Feature-Tec new strategy, we will launch a brand image upgrade plan and replace the brand visual recognition system with elements of "care, innovation, and excellence" based on inheritance, integration, and innovation.


Feature-Tec is committed to providing customers with three service matrices: advanced filtration and separation materials, high-end filtration and separation equipment and components, and process fluid purification solutions. Through technological innovation, we assist industrial customers in optimizing flow process, improving productivity efficiency, and stabilizing product quality to bring value innovation that is "purer, more efficient, safer, more convenient, more environmentally friendly, and more economical".



The ownership of both new and old brand trademarks belongs to Feature-Tec. During the brand upgrade period, all Feature-Tec service systems will not be affected.


Thanks to all partners for your long-term support and trust with Fearure-Tec. We will continue to maintain a pleasant cooperative relationship with you, providing suitable filtration and separation solutions. Let’s work together to make the world cleaner and life better!


Hereby announced.


Feature-Tec (Shanghai) New Materials Co., Ltd