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Post-treatment facility for spent TBP/coal tar thermal cracking and incineration system

The waste TBP/kerosene pyrolysis incineration system is a complex system that operates in an environment containing organic solvents, high-temperature vapors, and high-temperature combustion. It may be subject to various forms of corrosion, including organic corrosion, high-temperature corrosion, and phosphorus corrosion.


Feature-Tec can design and manufacture the following components for the system:

● Pyrolysis furnace

● Shaft assembly

● Nozzles

● Flange components

● Cylinder components

● Stirring blades

● Grates

● High-temperature gas filters

● Gas-ash separation chambers and other equipment and parts




TBP/Kerosene Pyrolysis Furnace Analog Simulation Calculations


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