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Post-treatment facility for low-level radioactive liquid waste pre-treatment system

Problem Description:


The suspended solids present in the LLRW primarily consist of sediment. It is crucial to undertake pre-treatment of such waste liquid to ensure the smooth operation of the subsequent evaporation treatment process.


Main sources of LLRW include:


● Sewage in the orange area ground

● Wastewater from equipment

● Rinsing wastewater from the box room

● Rinse water used for analysis

● Excess shower water

● Excessive laundry water, etc.





• Fully automated, non-process wastewater pre-treatment

• Centralized digital control system

• Designed for up to 5% solids

• Removal of suspended solids greater than 98%

• Filter sludge is a dry cake that meets the acceptance requirements for subsequent solid waste disposal

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