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High-efficiency Filtration and Purification System for Radioactive Gases

Problem Description


Currently, operating facilities such as nuclear power plants, defense projects, and nuclear laboratories generate a large amount of radioactive aerosols in their environment. These radioactive aerosols are suspended in the air or exist in gases containing radioactive nuclides in the form of solid or liquid particles, which can cause environmental pollution and radiation exposure to personnel. In order to effectively control the hazards of airborne radioactive pollutants and ensure that employees are always in a clean and safe environment, it is necessary to treat radioactive gases.


Product Applications and Features


a. High-efficiency filters in the hot chamber exhaust

• The efficiency of the medium-efficiency filter is not less than 85%.

• The efficiency of the high-efficiency filter is not less than 99.99%.


b. High-efficiency air filters

• Feature-Tec's high-efficiency air filters have an interception efficiency of more than 99.9% for particles larger than 0.3 micrometers.


c. Fluidized bed gas filters

• Slurry filtration: Used for checking and filtering the overflow from the thickener before entering the extraction process, with a solid content in the filtrate below 5mg/L.

• Uranium nitrate pyrolysis denitration fluidized bed exhaust gas filtration and backwash device.


d. Safety shell filter discharge system

Features of Feature-Tec's metal fiber filters:

• The metal fiber layer does not form agglomerates when placed for a long time, eliminating the need for regular ventilation maintenance.

• Due to the high thermal conductivity of metal fibers, decay heat can be easily removed.


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