Activated Carbon Cartridge

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Activated Carbon Cartridge

  • Activated carbon is a porous substance with extremely strong adsorption capabilities for organic compounds. Therefore, it is widely used for removing/adsorbing impurity particles in filtered liquids, as well as for decolorization, deodorization, and oil removal. The activated carbon filter cartridges produced by Feature-Tec Filtration are specifically designed to meet the decolorization and deodorization needs of the food and beverage industry and some fine chemical industries. They utilize ultrafine activated carbon particles with exceptionally strong adsorption capacity. Additionally, they employ an outer layer of PP protective film for solidification, making the carbon less prone to fragmentation and liquefaction. This ensures that during the filtration process, the filtrate will not leak, effectively improving the filtration efficiency and lifespan of the filter cartridge.

    Activated carbon filter cartridges are commonly used to remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, precipitates, pigments, organic chemicals, as well as bacteria and microorganisms that cannot be removed by regular granular activated carbon filter cartridges.


     Products Features:

    • The ultra-strong adsorption of activated carbon enables it to be widely used for different functions such as adsorption, decolorization, deodorization, and oil removal.

    • Ultrafine activated carbon particles with extremely strong adsorption capacity.

    • Stable filter structure with high mechanical strength, not easily deformed.

    • Various carbon powder raw materials such as coal-based carbon powder, fruit shell carbon powder, coconut shell carbon powder, and silver impregnated activated carbon are available for selection.

    • Multiple options  for filter length and outer diameter sizes to adapt to different filtration area requirements.

    • Outer protective structure prevents carbon particle leakage, effectively improving filtration efficiency, and prolonging the service life of the filter.


    • Syrup decolorization
    • Oil removal
    • Dechlorination of drinking water
    • Electroplating solutions
    • Photographic fixing agents
    • Gas deodorization
    • Process  circulating water


Activated Carbon Cartridge
Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Activated Carbon Cartridge

Product Parameters

  • FCCD (Activated Carbon Disc Filter)-Number of discs (04, 08, 16)

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