Review of SEMICON Exhibition, Feature-Tec Ultrapure filtration for semiconductors


Recently, SEMICON CHINA 2023 event came to a successful conclusion. Feature-Tec launched Ultrapure filtration technology at the exhibition and attracted countless attention. Let’s enjoy a wonderful experience at the end of the exhibition.


Filtration technology is important in semiconductor manufacturing. Feature-Tec provides filtration technology, products, and solutions for ultra-pure gas, wet electronic chemicals, air filtration etc.. During the exhibition, the Feature-Tec booth was boom, attracting many customers from different fields. We exchanged and shared industry experience together, discussed industry development, and confirmed the intention of cooperation.




The customers , who are welcomed by Feature-Tec, raised questions and asked for information about filtration efficiency, detection capabilities in semiconductors, and CNAS certification of the laboratory. We showed innovative filtration technology, which is core competitiveness of Feature-Tec, and strengthened trust and relationships with customers.


During the exhibition, Many celebrity products had received customer attention including Gist series ultra-pure gas filter (3nm), Megapoly series PFA filter housing, and Mighty series perfluorinated filter cartridge with high-temp and anti-corrosion performance. The products have covered production process in semiconductor manufacturing, such as etching, CVD, cleaning, etc. 



Feature-Tec will continue to increase investment on research and development to contribute to the development of semiconductor! Looking forward to the next meeting!