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Feature-Tec, founded in 1999, is a globally recognized supplier of filtration and separation technology, engineering and general technical services. Operating in the field of liquid and gas filtration and separation and environment purification, Feature-Tec has a solid history of growth over ten years experience in the supply of filtration components and systems integration.Feature-Tec conducts continuous research and development and has been awarded many patents in China and abroad. Feature-Tec has received industry-wide recognition for its work in establishing Chinese standards for filter construction and performance. Its factories are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 ...
ELF-D Filter Housing


Wide range of applications.
Operating pressure of up to 28 Bar.
In-line inlet and outlet ...

Rocket Filter Bag

The Rocket Filter Bag is a new innovative product from Feature-Tec, and is a great alternative to the conventional fi...

SpeeDo® Quick Opening filter is suitable for rapid-production environments where there are high levels of impurities and where...

针刺毡滤袋(PO PE NT PT)
Needled Felt Filter Bag(PO/PE/NT/PT)

BVM Multi-bag Filter
Feature Tec's BVM Multi-bag Filter features side inlet and bottom outlet, providing easy and complete drainage. The conven...

Ecofilter Series-ECS

Side-entry inlet and dismountable top cover - preventing filtrate spillage during opening <...

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